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My own throne.

In October I’ll be flying out to Gambia with 7 amazing artists (Logan Hicks, C215, Broken Crow, Will Barras, Lucy McLauchlan and Ben Eine) to undertake an epic project in which we’ll be transforming some rural villages into one beautiful piece of art. The brains behind the project is Lawrence Williams, owner of the Mandina River Lodge and the force behind the Ballabu conservation project

Luckily for me Lawrence was in town for my show in February so we hooked up for a beer and discussed the project more. Not only did he turn out to be an awesome guy, (even having tattoos by the same tattoo artist), he brought with him a present, all the way from Gambia.

My very own chair, hand carved from solid mahogany! This thing weighs an absolute ton and the lunatic actually carried it onto the plane with him and all the way to London! Here’s some pictures of Ramon carving the chair over in Gambia. Amazing stuff!

Babelgum Video Interview.

Show Opening.

Well, after 6 months of blood, sweat and tears my debut London show ‘The Colour Out Of Space’ finally opened it’s doors on Thursday and what a night it was. The space seemed to fill up almost immediately with a really good mix of people who all seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the work, I really couldn’t have asked for more. The free Mojitos flowed and from what I hear made quite a few people suffer the following morning, myself included. Thanks so much to everyone who came over and said hello especially my art bruv Mark from ‘Up The Arts’ who patiently helped get the show looking as good as it did, and my 3 awesome assistants, Em, Em and Ali who kept the show running so smoothly.

I’ll be here running the show every day from 11-6:30 until Sunday so if you’re in the area come over and say hello. Until then, here’s a few photos of the show courtesy of Wallkandy and Butterfly from Juxtapoz.

You can view all the Wallkandy photos HERE .
All the photos from Butterfly HERE .
And you can view and buy the available paintings and prints at my website .

The Colour Out Of Space. Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard St, London.

Getting there…

The New print Dress Up is slowly coming to life, one beautiful colour at a time.

Brainer interview

The nice chaps over at Brainer wanted to check in and see what was happening with the new show. You can read the interview HERE.

Show preview.

Here’s a glimpse of 3 new paintings that will be available from the show on the 25th.

Firestarter. Spray paint on canvas. 36x24"

Dress Up. Spray paint on canvas. 30x24"

Lung Mixture. Spray paint on vintage metal. 36x24".

Breaks of 10 push the word!

The boys at Breaks Of 10 have a little interview and some info about my show over at
I also helped them out with a new header for their blog, so go and check it out now!

New print…

…coming on very nicely. Gonna be a beauty.

I love the smell of Fresh Prints.

I am of course not talking about Will Smith but of my new print High Hopes which has just been finished and looks pretty special. The edition of only 75 will be the second print available from my show on the 25th Feb and online at on the morning of the 26th.

The Colour Out Of Space

After spending the last 8 years spraying paint through hundreds of thousands of little holes cut into card, I’m pleased to announce my first London solo show.

The image on the flyer above, ‘Dress up’, is a 30 colour screen print and will be one of two prints available on the opening night and online at the following morning. There will be around 20 or so brand new paintings on canvas, wood and metal.

Nothing more to say other than I hope to see you there for a beer and good times!