My own throne.

In October I’ll be flying out to Gambia with 7 amazing artists (Logan Hicks, C215, Broken Crow, Will Barras, Lucy McLauchlan and Ben Eine) to undertake an epic project in which we’ll be transforming some rural villages into one beautiful piece of art. The brains behind the project is Lawrence Williams, owner of the Mandina River Lodge and the force behind the Ballabu conservation project

Luckily for me Lawrence was in town for my show in February so we hooked up for a beer and discussed the project more. Not only did he turn out to be an awesome guy, (even having tattoos by the same tattoo artist), he brought with him a present, all the way from Gambia.

My very own chair, hand carved from solid mahogany! This thing weighs an absolute ton and the lunatic actually carried it onto the plane with him and all the way to London! Here’s some pictures of Ramon carving the chair over in Gambia. Amazing stuff!

3 Responses to My own throne.

  1. Ramon the master craftsman…..know his work well……beautiful. what a great gift to get

  2. Jen mermaid

    I am so Impressed.. want to know what kind of wood that is….Can we make guitars out of it?If it weighs a ton,probably a hard wood and better for floors and FURNITURE,,by the way, that chair,kinda looks like a BIRTHING chair….just needs some handles on the side, and a brake pedal.HA! nice work….was what I meant to say…..

  3. Hi Jen. The chair is solid mahogany, it weighs a ton!

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