New Beginnings.

Well, I’m back in a fully working (and brand new) studio, in a brand new part of the country, and now that the dust has settled and the work machine has started it’s engines I thought I’d finally update the blog. I moved both house and studio from Hastings to Brighton around 5 weeks ago; it’s amazing how much things can slow down, even grind to a complete halt when you’re relocating. Happy to say the studio is now running at full speed and it feels great to be back at work. I’ve put a lot of time into getting the studio to a level of functionality and comfort that really makes it a great place to be every day as I’m planning on spending a lot of time here from now on.

And with the move comes a new start in many ways. A new exciting and creative city to explore, but also a new way of working and putting my work out there. To start with, for the first time in about 5 years I’m now sharing my studio space with my good friend and fellow artist/illustrator Ben Southern. It’s a strange thing to go back to after working in total solitude for such a long time, but having another creative around to discuss ideas and collaborate with is actually pretty nice.

So as well as continuing to push forward on my own as a solo artist, I’ll also be forming a new band with Ben known as the Freak Show Projects, (apologies for the naff music analogy, but I’m going to run with it). From within the studio, we’ll be experimenting with new sounds, new instruments and new ways to play, the results of which will be available in the FSP online shop. Keeping things as unique but affordable as possible, we’ll be working on everything from t-shirts to prints, paper-cuts and collages, 3D objects, books, zines, basically anything that we think will be fun at the time. And, in the spirit of a true Freak Show, things will come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, styles and directions. The new studio is a place to experiment and have fun regardless of stylistic restraints, the new online shop will be the place to get your hands on these new things we create.

The Freak Show Projects shop will totally replace my current store, so as well as the more experimental playful pieces and products, it will also be the place to get your hands on all future Eelus printed editions. I’ll still be pushing forward with the Eelus work and I already have 2 solo shows booked for next year which I’m very excited about. So please keep your eyes on for any news on available originals and how you can go about buying them.

As soon as I have more news on either Freak Show Projects or my solo work this is where you’ll read about it, so don’t forget to pop round for a brew whenever you can.

Big thanks.


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