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Dress Up gets INKED!

Here’s a work in progress photo of a friend getting my Dress Up image tattooed on her arm by the the tattoo artist Leslie Mah.

You can see more of Leslie’s work HERE and see the original image over at my website HERE where Dress Up is available to buy as a 32 colour screen print.

Getting there…

The New print Dress Up is slowly coming to life, one beautiful colour at a time.

Show preview.

Here’s a glimpse of 3 new paintings that will be available from the show on the 25th.

Firestarter. Spray paint on canvas. 36x24"

Dress Up. Spray paint on canvas. 30x24"

Lung Mixture. Spray paint on vintage metal. 36x24".

Breaks of 10 push the word!

The boys at Breaks Of 10 have a little interview and some info about my show over at www.breaksof10.com
I also helped them out with a new header for their blog, so go and check it out now!

New print…

…coming on very nicely. Gonna be a beauty.