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City Slickers and Lots of Stickers.

Finally back and rested after a weeks onslaught in a blistering hot Brooklyn. Much fun was had, many French Bulldogs bothered, lots of stickers stuck and what should have been a 2 man show was turned into a solo show at the last minute. Can’t complain with that!

Thanks to everyone who came to check out the new work and party down in the yard, hope you all had an awesome time. Thanks to Rae at Brooklynite Gallery for allowing the madness to continue, Seth and Nick from Pawn Works for their awesome stickers and most importantly thanks to my man Mark from Up The Arts for his usual assistance, hard graft and moral support.

I’ve decided to teach myself the art of shooting and editing video (in the build up to bigger things), and below is my first ever production. It’s just a quick movie full of test shots taken with my Nikon D90 while we were out there, then edited together in iMovie 09. Amazed at how simple it was to put together, wouldn’t mind having a crack at Final Cut next for a more solid finish.

I’ll be putting together a different cut at some point over the next week, focusing more on the show and the work. Here’s a few shots from the night taken by the gang at Brooklynite and Clay Williams from Examiner.com

Crazy Time

Once again, sorry for the lack of posts on this ‘ere blog thing. Been mental busy here in the Eel Cave with one thing or another. So here’s a quick round-up of what’s been going on. Firstly, thanks to everyone who bought my last print release last week, Not Everything Is So Black & White. 22 colours, nice.

I think we made a new personal best for me as both the normal and the hand finished editions were sold out within 10 minutes. I know there are a few people out there who weren’t happy with the performance of the website but it seemed to go pretty smoothly for most people. V4 of eelus.com is being worked on as we speak, in a secret hangar in the desert, under a giant tarpaulin. The new site will be built in HTML and will hopefully be much more stable and user friendly.

The 4th of September sees the opening of my next show ‘Paradise Lost’ at Brooklynite Gallery in NYC with fellow stencil head C215. To give you a taster of some of the work on offer, there is a new super limited, 7 colour screen print edition of my Firestarter image going on sale TODAY over at www.brooklynitegallery.com.

Firestarter. 7 colour screen print. Edition of 50.

Here’s a new piece from the show. Painted onto an old burned out bakers tin.

Paradise Lost. Spray paint on tin

Here’s a close up of one of the 200+ hand made invites I made using my Gocco PG-11 printer.

I’ll be flying out to NYC next week to set up the show and paint some big pieces outside so if you’re in the area on the 4th, come on by and say hello!

NYC show progress

My next show Paradise Lost, at Brooklynite Gallery in NYC, is approaching fast. Here’s a few ‘work in progress’ snaps from inside the studio.

I am the champions!

A few weeks ago I decided to enter a few photographs into the Urban Art Photo contest. Out of 500 entrants, I ended up getting my hands on 1st prize…which was nice! I think I was about 10 the last time I won something so not only was I pretty surprised, but happier than a pig in the proverbial shit.

Here’s my winning photo.

N Y See

Sorry for the lack of posts last week but for once there’s a good reason. I spent all last week mooching around NYC, checking out art shows, catching up with friends, getting sunburned and generally sussing the place out ready for my return visit in September. Here are some photos.

View the full set at my Flickr page.