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N Y See

Sorry for the lack of posts last week but for once there’s a good reason. I spent all last week mooching around NYC, checking out art shows, catching up with friends, getting sunburned and generally sussing the place out ready for my return visit in September. Here are some photos.

View the full set at my Flickr page.

Past Blasts – Memories of Japan.

Another new little feature to the blog, Past Blasts, memories of good times gone by. To start, a few photos from a trip I took to Japan back in 2008.


They’re always nice to photograph.

I Heart Berlin

I heart Berlin.

See more photos on my Flickr.

Lomo’s and Beach Walks.

New Neighbour.

This guy has moved into the fox den that’s beside my studio. All I know about him so far is that he’s a big fan of peanuts and his crap is almost as big as my cat.